You May Not Be Aware that You Are Attracting the Attention of Snakes

Lansing snake

Almost all parts of the US (except Alaska) will have a local snake species that can cause concerns and panic to the unsuspecting homeowners. However, snakes will not just slither through your yard because they want to disturb you. There are probably elements in your area that are attracting their attention. By eliminating the attractants or restricting their access, you can ensure that your place will remain snake-free. The first thing you need to do is figure out why the snake is invading your property.

Does Rodent Attract Snake?
Different snakes can live in the wild for weeks, sometimes even months, without immediate food access. However, plenty of them will still need to remain nourished at least once a week. The foods that are included in the meal of the snake will depend upon their location. However, most snakes will be attracted to birds and rodents, mainly rats. If you have a rat or mice infestation, it will not be surprising to find an unwanted visitor in your yard. Try to look for signs of rodent infestation such as rub marks, droppings, strange noises, etc. Once you are sure that you have them, call a wildlife removal expert to fix the vulnerabilities in your house and get rid of the rats and mice. By solving your rodent infestation, you are making your place less attractive in the eye of the snakes.

Will Having Tall Grass Make My House More Prone to Snake Invasion?
Absolutely. Most snake species love to move on tall grasses since it provides them cover and protection against their predators. It is a perfect place for them to conceal their presence. By mowing your lawn regularly and keeping it at an ideal height, your home will be free from snakes. Also, control the watering of your yard and trim the overgrown bushes and shrubs.

Am I More Vulnerable to Snakes if I Have Damp Places?
Like the different creatures in the animal kingdom, snakes also have preferences when looking for a place they will inhabit. The snake species will determine the right physical environment and climate that will help them regulate their body temperature. Snakes are cold-blooded creatures; therefore, they will spend most of their time in a darker, more humid environment. It allows them to cool down after their hunt. Be sure that your garage has low humidity; you can do this by introducing a dehumidifier. If an area in your yard is always damp, such as the space below the porch or shed, you can restrict their access by surrounding it with hardware cloth. Knowing what may attract snakes in your area will help you design a preventive measure that will keep them at bay. By removing all these attractants, you can guarantee that your place will not be prone to snake invasion. You can also hire an expert snake remover and let them inspect your house for free. They can then recommend some practical methods that will deter the snake's activities. Go back to the home page: Snakes of Lansing